Almost there

Just a few things remaining before this beauty is finished 😊

Perry-Caster back

A few pictures of progress on the “Perry-Caster”. Because he’s Swedish I made an inlay of their 3- crown national symbol on the back.

The guitar is routed for some P90 magic.😊

Beautiful wood

This is some of the best looking wood I have ever seen.It’s chestnut from an old garden tree here in Denmark. It was so brittle when I started, that it had to be infused and stabilized with Resin, for it to be usable. My job was to produce a tele body with backside electronic cavitie. Now the rest is up to the owner of the chestnut tree.😊

Copy cuts

Cutting out the bodies for a swamp ash Stratocaster and a black limba Telecaster.😊

After routing the body out, I’m sanding and shaping them beautiful curves

Beautiful wood

Cutting out a tele body from some mind-blowing wood.Very brittle, but I have infused it with resin for stability.Seems to work 🙂

Owned by Bruun

These vintage guitars live in the workshop where they spread joy and inspiration to customers and craftsmen alike.