Handbuilt guitars for sale

Two, all handmade, guitars finished and ready for sale at, Dr. D Guitars. T-Style: Korina body, Clear coated, Hip cavity, Walnut neck, 12″ radius Zebrano fretboard. Noiseless handwound MadeByBruun vintage spec. pickupper, locking tuners, reverse electronics.

S-style: Ash body, hand colored and clear coated, Cocobolo neck, Ebony fretboard, Bubinga pickguard. Noiseless handwound vintage spec. pickupper, Blend function on tonecontrol, locking tuners. https://www.facebook.com/115215683603652/

Nearly done

Nearly done with the S&T style guitars. 😊

Making progress

These two bad boys are soon to be put on sale here:https://drdguitars.dk/I will post the specs along with pictures as soon as they’re finished.

Shaping the neck for a S-style soon to be on sale here: https://drdguitars.dk/
On to some heavy duty machine shaping of the S-style neck😊

Built for you

Applying clear coats to my two newest builds. In a few weeks, they will come up for sale in “Dr. D Guitars”, Horsens.
The price is going to be a Steal😁

Real guitars have curves

Making some curves in the semi-hollow horns. Both for looks, but mainly to get easy access to the lower frets.

Some still pictures of the current work.

Video below:
Routing the trussrod channel in neck intended for the semi-hollow.


When finished, this one will stand out for sure

Steffen Schackinger playing my newest creation

The famous guitarist Steffen Schackinger trying out a MadeByBruun in his studio

Looking good

Take a listen to Steffen playing this fine MadebyBruun handmade guitar on the below Instagram videos.
More about the guitar here. The guitar is for sale at 16.000,- dkk
If you’re interested and want to know more contact me on Facebook