Copper nitro

New copper nitro lacquer paint job on Andreas lunds(Lucas Graham) stratocaster 😊

Refretting a 63 strat

It may be heavily modified, but all the important stuff is there, and it’s a damn fine player💥

Mex strat refin job

Just finished a refin/relic job on this, former, shiny white Mex Strat.The refin is done in ice blue nitrocellulose with a clearcoat of vintage amber nitrocellulose.Cured under blacklight to achieve the greenish look, that 40 years of playing, will do to that color. The crackling of the paint is done by rapid downcooling using compressed air.Back of neck is stripped of lacker, color stained and given a few layers of tru-oil.😊

Watch me strip!

Tonight, I work as a Paint – “Stripper”🤫Relieving this 62 RI strat for it’s thick plastic finish, so it can breathe again.Next up, is a new nitro paint job.

Copy cuts

Cutting out the bodies for a swamp ash Stratocaster and a black limba Telecaster.😊

After routing the body out, I’m sanding and shaping them beautiful curves

Refin on a Refin

This is one of my own personal guitars. 1963 Fender Stratocaster bought as a refin. Now was the time for a new skin. Sherwood green is a even cooler color than I thought it would be. And I’m very happy with the result. 😀

Swamp-ash Strat

This is gonna be a kick-ass swamp-ash Strat.🤩
Just stained it. Now I’m in process of applying blonde shellac.


Winding pu’s for a new swamp ash strat.. coming soon😊

King Bee’s Strat’s neck-job

Next order of business on King Bees nice and refinished Strat is the refretting of the neck.