Filling the leaf pattern

Haven’t decided what to use as filler.Either cuting out hard material like abalone.Or resin, maybe even with metal flakes and/or a matching color.

Blooming rosewood

Routing out a leaf pattern on this rosewood fretboard

For sale: Original MadebyBruun

Pris 16.000 kr
Handmade – One of a kind.
Swamp ash body, 9.5 baked tiger flamed maple neck, medium nickel/silver frets, Abelone inlays, Indian rosewood fretboard, Schaller locking tuners, Texas special pickups, anodized pickguard, massive brass trem, neck/bridge blend wirering with treble bleed.
Weight: 3.5 kg.
This guitar is BADASS!😎
Located in Copenhagen.
Send me a pm on facebook, if you wanna take it for a spin🎶🎸😊

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