Built for you

Applying clear coats to my two newest builds. In a few weeks, they will come up for sale in “Dr. D Guitars”, Horsens.
The price is going to be a Steal😁

Refin on a Refin

This is one of my own personal guitars. 1963 Fender Stratocaster bought as a refin. Now was the time for a new skin. Sherwood green is a even cooler color than I thought it would be. And I’m very happy with the result. 😀

A beautiful Return

Had the pleasure to have one of my builds back in the shop for a little TLC❤️.
I love that guitar. It’s so god-damned beautiful🤩
Notice the sparkling flakes in the paint✨✨

Paint job done!

I really think this 59 Jazzmaster looks absolutely stunning now🤩

Kingbees Stratocaster upgrade

This is Kingbees Stratocaster who is in for an upgrade including refin in Nitro and new fretts.

Removing plastic finish before refin in nitro vintage white
Refin in nitro vintage White
Timelapse of the refin

Blue Strat finished

Born a SRV Strat.
Customized by MadebyBruun.dk

Blue Strat

Painting a strat Sonic Blue
Next up, clear coat

Bubinga maple guitar