Refretting a 63 strat

It may be heavily modified, but all the important stuff is there, and it’s a damn fine player💥

Real guitars have curves

Making some curves in the semi-hollow horns. Both for looks, but mainly to get easy access to the lower frets.

Some still pictures of the current work.

Video below:
Routing the trussrod channel in neck intended for the semi-hollow.

Gibson refretting 2

New frets installed on this Rock Machine.
1971 Gibson SG😊

Gibson refretting

1971 Gibson SG, in for a well deserved refret 😊

Removing the last few frets on this 1971 SG that’s in for a, well deserved rail change.😊

2 old-timers renewed

Just finished restoring these 2 old-timers to former beauty.
Did the fretwork, new bindings, shellac, hardware and rewound the dead original pick-ups 😊

Fret frenzy

How to Instal Frets in 31 second 😆

Thicker strings

A Fender 40 years anniversary model in for a bunch of TLC.
New thicker strings with all the adjustments that follows.
And a complete fret job.

A cool cat came by

1958 Fender Jazzmaster.
original except for the left hand refin made by a previous owner.
I’m in the process of disassemble and preparing it for paint.
This time, it’s going to get a nitro lake placid blue.
I restored the frets to their original condition. Shining and level😊🎸