The story of a Firestarter!

Here is the journey of my new guitar

Starting work on another Semi-Hollow.
Using the airbrush with spirit based red stain, to taint this piece of birdseye eucalyptus veneer.😊
Progress video
The backside of “The Firestarter “.
Birdseye eucalyptus with a flamy look🔥😁

Stay tuned….

Sweet necks

Working on some sweet necks.😁

Making progress

These two bad boys are soon to be put on sale here: will post the specs along with pictures as soon as they’re finished.

Shaping the neck for a S-style soon to be on sale here:
On to some heavy duty machine shaping of the S-style neck😊

Filling the leaf pattern

Haven’t decided what to use as filler.Either cuting out hard material like abalone.Or resin, maybe even with metal flakes and/or a matching color.

Blooming rosewood

Routing out a leaf pattern on this rosewood fretboard

Finally done

Finally finished.Only some minor details and a polish left to do 🙂

Semi-hollow almost done

A few more pics of the semi-hollow and neck.Now with no masking tape.

Timeshift video of me
making the outline on the semi-hollow’s top.