Welcome to the family

Two new members of the ‘madebybruun’ family are finished.

The blue one: Ceder body, korina neck, eucalyptus fretboard, 12″ radius, medium frets, madebybruun p90, weight 3.0 kg.

The T-style: chestnut body, Bubinga neck, ebony fretboard, 12″ radius, medium frets, madebybruun pickups, weight 2.8 kg

One of a kind

One of a kind, hand build semi hollow body.Maple body, Bubinga top and eucalyptus back. Bubinga neck with eucalyptus fretboard. Bare knuckles Pickups. Weight = 3.5kg

One piece maple neck coming into shape

One piece maple neck with bubinga headstock and bubinga dots.
Just finished shaping it.
Next up is fine sanding and a lot of true oil 🙂

Blue Strat finished

Born a SRV Strat.
Customized by MadebyBruun.dk

Khaya wood neck

Bubinga maple guitar