Perry Stenbäck testing MadeByBruun T-style

Body – KorinaNeck – WalnutPickups – Fishman Fluence P90 Electronics – 2 vol + 2 push/pull toneBridge – Dusenberg tremolo + Schaller rolling bridgeTuners – Schaller lockingWeight- 3.5 kg

Any minute now

Making progress 😁 BTW, the hole in the backplate, is a USB port for charging the fishman fluence p90 battery pack.

Welcome to the family

Two new members of the ‘madebybruun’ family are finished.

The blue one: Ceder body, korina neck, eucalyptus fretboard, 12″ radius, medium frets, madebybruun p90, weight 3.0 kg.

The T-style: chestnut body, Bubinga neck, ebony fretboard, 12″ radius, medium frets, madebybruun pickups, weight 2.8 kg

Perry-Caster back

A few pictures of progress on the “Perry-Caster”. Because he’s Swedish I made an inlay of their 3- crown national symbol on the back.

The guitar is routed for some P90 magic.😊

The story of a Firestarter!

Here is the journey of my new guitar

Starting work on another Semi-Hollow.
Using the airbrush with spirit based red stain, to taint this piece of birdseye eucalyptus veneer.😊
Progress video
The backside of “The Firestarter “.
Birdseye eucalyptus with a flamy look🔥😁

Stay tuned….