The story of a Firestarter!

Here is the journey of my new guitar

Starting work on another Semi-Hollow.
Using the airbrush with spirit based red stain, to taint this piece of birdseye eucalyptus veneer.😊
Progress video
The backside of “The Firestarter “.
Birdseye eucalyptus with a flamy lookπŸ”₯😁

Stay tuned….

Made by Bruun, Played by Mick Rasmussen

Mick Rasmussen(Rocazino, Tamra Rosanes, Poul Krebs m.fl).Seeing and playing his new hand built β€œMadeByBruun” guitar for the very first time!

One of a kind

One of a kind, hand build semi hollow body.Maple body, Bubinga top and eucalyptus back. Bubinga neck with eucalyptus fretboard. Bare knuckles Pickups. Weight = 3.5kg

Handbuilt guitars for sale

Two, all handmade, guitars finished and ready for sale at, Dr. D Guitars. T-Style: Korina body, Clear coated, Hip cavity, Walnut neck, 12″ radius Zebrano fretboard. Noiseless handwound MadeByBruun vintage spec. pickupper, locking tuners, reverse electronics.

S-style: Ash body, hand colored and clear coated, Cocobolo neck, Ebony fretboard, Bubinga pickguard. Noiseless handwound vintage spec. pickupper, Blend function on tonecontrol, locking tuners.

Sweet necks

Working on some sweet necks.😁

Beautiful wood

This is some of the best looking wood I have ever seen.It’s chestnut from an old garden tree here in Denmark. It was so brittle when I started, that it had to be infused and stabilized with Resin, for it to be usable. My job was to produce a tele body with backside electronic cavitie. Now the rest is up to the owner of the chestnut tree.😊

Nearly done

Nearly done with the S&T style guitars. 😊

Mex strat refin job

Just finished a refin/relic job on this, former, shiny white Mex Strat.The refin is done in ice blue nitrocellulose with a clearcoat of vintage amber nitrocellulose.Cured under blacklight to achieve the greenish look, that 40 years of playing, will do to that color. The crackling of the paint is done by rapid downcooling using compressed air.Back of neck is stripped of lacker, color stained and given a few layers of tru-oil.😊