Copy cuts

Cutting out the bodies for a swamp ash Stratocaster and a black limba Telecaster.😊

After routing the body out, I’m sanding and shaping them beautiful curves

Steffen Schackinger playing my newest creation

The famous guitarist Steffen Schackinger trying out a MadeByBruun in his studio

Looking good

Take a listen to Steffen playing this fine MadebyBruun handmade guitar on the below Instagram videos.
More about the guitar here. The guitar is for sale at 16.000,- dkk
If you’re interested and want to know more contact me on Facebook

For sale: Original MadebyBruun

Pris 16.000 kr
Handmade – One of a kind.
Swamp ash body, 9.5 baked tiger flamed maple neck, medium nickel/silver frets, Abelone inlays, Indian rosewood fretboard, Schaller locking tuners, Texas special pickups, anodized pickguard, massive brass trem, neck/bridge blend wirering with treble bleed.
Weight: 3.5 kg.
This guitar is BADASS!😎
Located in Copenhagen.
Send me a pm on facebook, if you wanna take it for a spin🎶🎸😊

Visit our Facebook page here to message me

You could own this

Soon to be finished and up for sale😊🎶
A spec update:
The pu’s are brand new Texas Specials.

Anticipation builds…

This is gonna be a real mofo s-type.
Swamp ash body,
Anodized gold pickguard, massive brass trem. Handmade Walnut neck and a Abigail ybara neck pu, and Two made by Bruun handwound😊

Swamp-ash Strat

This is gonna be a kick-ass swamp-ash Strat.🤩
Just stained it. Now I’m in process of applying blonde shellac.


Winding pu’s for a new swamp ash strat.. coming soon😊