A serious guitar

April 59, Fender Jazzmaster. At that time, they took electrical noise serious.
A soldered box by default. That’s because you mean it 😊

Thicker strings

A Fender 40 years anniversary model in for a bunch of TLC.
New thicker strings with all the adjustments that follows.
And a complete fret job.

A cool cat came by

1958 Fender Jazzmaster.
original except for the left hand refin made by a previous owner.
I’m in the process of disassemble and preparing it for paint.
This time, it’s going to get a nitro lake placid blue.
I restored the frets to their original condition. Shining and level😊🎸

King Bee’s Strat’s neck-job

Next order of business on King Bees nice and refinished Strat is the refretting of the neck.

That guitar had a past

The most recent guitar in the shop – King Bee’s Stratocaster, getting a refinishing with Nitro Vintage White, has not just been sitting on a shelf, before coming to MadebyBruun. It’s been out in the world earning its makeover. We see it here in a couple of YouTube videos.
Notice the little nick on the body. It’s visible also in the before-shot on the makeover post.

Here it is being played by Texan Blues guitarist Alan Haynes in 2013

In this next clip the guitar is being played by Omar Dykes when Omar and the Howlers visited Mik Schacks TV program Public Service.

Link to the makeover post at MadebyBruun.

Kingbees Stratocaster upgrade

This is Kingbees Stratocaster who is in for an upgrade including refin in Nitro and new fretts.

Removing plastic finish before refin in nitro vintage white
Refin in nitro vintage White
Timelapse of the refin

Blue Strat finished

Born a SRV Strat.
Customized by MadebyBruun.dk