Semi-hollow progress

Current progress on the semi-hollow; Got the neck fretted, tuners fitted and fixed it to the body. I handcrafted a volume and tone control from the excess neck wood. The top is still not glued on. It’s held together by double sided tape. Beside that, I still have an installation of Bridge and stopbar/trem to do.Then a lot of fine sanding and details like fret markers and final clear coat before I can wrap this build up 😊

Weight as it is now = 2.9 kg/6.4 lbs

Neck next

The neck is going to be as beautiful as the rest of the guitar. 🙂

Real guitars have curves

Making some curves in the semi-hollow horns. Both for looks, but mainly to get easy access to the lower frets.

Some still pictures of the current work.

Video below:
Routing the trussrod channel in neck intended for the semi-hollow.

Never go down on hardware

Got the sanding machine out today

The oscillating sander shouldn’t feel ignored either

One piece maple neck coming into shape

One piece maple neck with bubinga headstock and bubinga dots.
Just finished shaping it.
Next up is fine sanding and a lot of true oil 🙂

Gibson refretting 2

New frets installed on this Rock Machine.
1971 Gibson SG😊

Old school neckin’

Still not got my CNC machine up and running … So Old-school neck building

Dark neck

T-Style neck handcrafted in Wenge wood and ebony fretboard