Semi-hollow progress

Current progress on the semi-hollow; Got the neck fretted, tuners fitted and fixed it to the body. I handcrafted a volume and tone control from the excess neck wood. The top is still not glued on. It’s held together by double sided tape. Beside that, I still have an installation of Bridge and stopbar/trem to do.Then a lot of fine sanding and details like fret markers and final clear coat before I can wrap this build up 😊

Weight as it is now = 2.9 kg/6.4 lbs

Neck next

The neck is going to be as beautiful as the rest of the guitar. 🙂

Electronics in

Fitted the electronics and added some shading to the front and backside.

Real guitars have curves

Making some curves in the semi-hollow horns. Both for looks, but mainly to get easy access to the lower frets.

Some still pictures of the current work.

Video below:
Routing the trussrod channel in neck intended for the semi-hollow.


When finished, this one will stand out for sure

Never go down on hardware

Got the sanding machine out today

The oscillating sander shouldn’t feel ignored either