Watch me strip!

Tonight, I work as a Paint – “Stripper”🤫Relieving this 62 RI strat for it’s thick plastic finish, so it can breathe again.Next up, is a new nitro paint job.

Filling the leaf pattern

Haven’t decided what to use as filler.Either cuting out hard material like abalone.Or resin, maybe even with metal flakes and/or a matching color.

Blooming rosewood

Routing out a leaf pattern on this rosewood fretboard

Copy cuts

Cutting out the bodies for a swamp ash Stratocaster and a black limba Telecaster.😊

After routing the body out, I’m sanding and shaping them beautiful curves

Small but deadly!

Some pictures for size comparison.This a nimble little thing, with a big bite 😊

Weight is only 3.38 kg or 7.45 lbs.

Finally done

Finally finished.Only some minor details and a polish left to do 🙂

Semi-hollow almost done

A few more pics of the semi-hollow and neck.Now with no masking tape.

Timeshift video of me
making the outline on the semi-hollow’s top.

Beautiful wood

Cutting out a tele body from some mind-blowing wood.Very brittle, but I have infused it with resin for stability.Seems to work 🙂